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Frequently Asked Questions

As you can see, a proper evaluation of your needs is required to develop a cost. Anyone who gives a homeowner a ballpark price, is not being truthful, plain and simple. A ballpark is called Fenway!
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Some simple answers for the most common questions...

Why should I consider a home standby generator?

A home generator protects your home from things like; pipes freezing, sump pumps not operating, foods and frozen items spoiling, medications that need refrigeration, and medical equipment that must be powered.

How much will a home standby generator system cost?

 In order to establish the cost of an individual system, several things must be considered.
Is there Natural Gas at the home currently? Is there an existing Propane tank on the property?
If neither of these fuels exist, then a propane tank must be installed to provide fuel to operate the generator.

If my generator is running on Propane gas, how will I know when it needs refilling?

The propane tank has a fuel gauge on it and you will be able to read it, and schedule for a refill.

Will you only need essential circuits but not the whole house?

If your home has electric Central A/C units with heat strips, how many units do you want running on your generator?

Our geographical spread of mines and countries reduces our risk and increases our security of production. It also allows us to identify more opportunities, create synergies across our sites and transfer technology and people around the business.

How will I know if my generator is ready to run in the event of a power outage?

Remote monitoring of your generator is available and will send a message to our service department to notify us of any problems, so that a service technician can come to you home and make the necessary repairs.

Is financing available?